2018 Resolutions for Resistance

We've made it.  We're here.  We are now in THE election year where we can take back power and set this state and this nation on a path that reverses the indignities and injustice of the current leadership and invests in our communities and our future.  From climate change to equal rights to living wages and beyond--it's all at stake. 

I BELIEVE that we are a different America today than we were on November 7, 2016.  And I believe that we will show our strength on November 6, 2018.

To organize and unify our efforts, I'm asking you to commit to the 2018 Resolutions for Resistance:

JanuaryBecome a Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrar—It’s SO Easy.

February: Register 10 people to Vote & Early Vote in your Primary!

March: Identify who your elected officials are!

April: Contribute to progressive candidate(s) in a swing district!

MayIf you have a child or loved one in middle or high school, make sure your school will be participating in the Secretary of State’s: Student 2018 Mock Election for Governor, verify that your high school principal is registering students to vote; and finally, make sure your school district has signed the pledge to encourage voting within our school communities.

JuneFind 5 Friends to commit to joining you in the final push to November.

July: Contact your Precinct Chair.  Don’t have one?  Tag.  You’re it.

August: Attend election training (don’t forget to take your 5 friends).

SeptemberWe’re just HERE AND NOW Declaring September: “Voter Registration Month.”

OctoberVote on the first day of early vote, October 22nd, so you can be on the front lines of Getting Out The Vote (“GOTV”).  (Also, it stops the pesky calls from campaigns to get you to vote.)

NovemberNovember 6—ELECTION DAY!!!  The People Strike Back.