I am a Texas voter and I call on Gov. Abbott and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick to make Texans a priority during the July special session. Estimates show tax payers will spend almost $1million dollars funding the summer special session.  I believe the legislature should spend that money and time focused on building a strong middle class and shared prosperity for all Texans

Opportunity Texas Agenda:

1. Adequately invest in our public schools and fix our broken school finance system.  Strong public schools are the bedrock of our democracy and absolutely essential for shared prosperity.

2. End unnecessary State interference and work to liberate our unique local communities from the heavy hand of State overreach.

3. Protect civil rights and safeguard the right of every Texan to be free from discrimination and unreasonable threats to safety. "Y'all means ALL."

4. Invest in strategies that grow our middle class and living wage jobs. For the first time in my lifetime we are no longer a majority middle class country.  And now the top 1% earns more that the bottom 90%. We must reverse this trend in Texas.

Please use tax payer dollars to pass legislation focused on building opportunity for all Texan